February 23, 2015

Why you need a professional plasterer

If the time has come to repair or renovate your old plaster walls and ceilings you need to call Sydney Wide Plastering.
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February 11, 2015

Simple DIY plaster repair tips

Trying to plaster your walls can be a difficult and not to mention messy job, after all it’s really a lot harder than it looks.
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January 23, 2015

Painting plaster walls

Before you start any painting if there are any fresh patches of plaster on your walls – the result of a repair you need to coat the area with some shellac, followed by two coats of flat paint.
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December 8, 2014

Gyprock vs Plaster – what’s the difference?

There are a few ways you can change your walls or ceilings and that is by using plasterboard/ solid plaster or by using gyprock. What is the difference?
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November 10, 2014

Breathing life into plastered walls

DIY Renovations can be fun, but remember if you are not up to the task call Sydney Wide Plastering first.
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August 17, 2014

Why You May Need Plaster Repairs in Sydney

Do you need to get plaster repairs Sydney? Then come directly to Sydney Wide Plastering
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July 29, 2014

Are You Looking For an Efficient..

Getting a good plastering job is never that easy. You may have hired plasterers in the past who did a below average job.
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July 18, 2014

Get Perfect Gyprocking in Sydney

Do your walls look like a mess? Then you need to think about getting them redone with Gyprocking Sydney.
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