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A bulkhead ceiling is a part of the ceiling in the interior space that is suspended and enclosed. They are found in both residential and commercial settings. When it comes to residential environments, they are typically used in high-end properties. However, we also provide bulkhead services for home renovation projects involving smaller properties. At Sydney Wide Plastering, we help you achieve an attractive look for your office or home by installing bulkhead ceiling. These features, besides enhancing aesthetics, also help conceal various systems including lighting and air circulation.

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Our Bulkhead Ceiling Services
Elegant and top Finishes

We have an experienced and qualified team of builders who will construct your ceiling using superior materials. If you need bulkhead ceiling installation services in Sydney, you can rely on our professional expertise. We have almost two decades of experience in building ceiling. Our builders can design and construct trendy and modern ceilings, ensuring that your project is completed on time, on budget, and to perfection.

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Key Steps in the Process

We begin by taking all the measurements and will work with you to determine the best materials for the job. Our builders use only lightweight materials to construct a long-lasting and elegant ceiling perfectly suited to the room. The room’s shape is one of the most important factors determining how the bulkhead is constructed. It is then fixed to the main ceiling to create a seamless and flawless look.
We work with bulkhead ceilings in different shapes. Our crew can customise the ceilings based on our assessment, planning, and your preferences. Our ceiling specialists can help you make the right choice based on our professional expertise.

Why Choose Our Services?

We are the experts in Sydney in the installation of walls and ceilings. There are many reasons for choosing our services:

  • Founded in 1993, our ceiling professionals have decades of industry experience
  • All our builders are licensed and insured professionals
  • We build bulkhead ceilings in different shapes, provide you with all the options
  • We offer affordable bulkhead installation services
  • Every project is completed on time and on budget

Bulkhead ceilings are used for concealing different fixtures and systems, including:

  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Wires
  • Lighting and other systems

Whatever the systems, we have the experience and skills to transform the space into a functional and beautiful area. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us at 0405 847 224 or write to us.

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