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Office renovation can add value to your business operations and brand values. It can also offer various other benefits – creating space and facilitating tech and features. It may be a mall project involving minor upgrades to fixtures or furniture or a major overhaul involving office redesign. At Sydney Wide Plastering, our office renovation jobs are focused on making a positive impact on both brand and employee productivity. We provide our services throughout Sydney and the suburbs.

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When Will You Need an Office Renovation?
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Your office will need some kind of renovation if your staff starts facing the following issues with the current space:

  • The space can no longer accommodate your business needs
  • Old décor and furniture are beginning to show signs of age
  • There is overcrowding

Even if it is a small job, we can help you with your office renovation or refurbishment. We provide project management service from beginning to finish and complete your project within budget and on time.

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Key Steps in Our
Office Renovation Project
The main steps in our office renovation service are as follows.
It is important for you to have a clear idea of how it will work.
We expect you to plan your office processes around these steps:

Initial Consultation:

This involves an initial chat and onsite consultation. Our experienced team will discuss all the different options.

Draft Plan

We will create a draft plan that can be updated based on your review.


Once the plan is finalised, we will price the project. Since the project is managed in-house by our own contractors, you can remain assured about saving money and hassles.


We will provide you with a presentation before taking the project to the next step. This is followed by the paperwork.

Project Management

We will project manage your office renovation and complete it on the agreed-upon time.

Planning Your Office Renovation

Before we get started, we will require you to determine what your goals are for the office renovation or refurbishment project. You may need a complete overhaul or upgrade a few elements. We suggest you find answers to the following questions during the planning phase:

  • How will your business change or grow in the future?
  • Is the current space flexible to adapt to growth?
  • How can technology affect the size and design of your office?
  • Are you planning to install new technology?
  • Will there be a need to update the infrastructure?
  • Do you see the need to update the finishes?
  • Is there a need to update the workflow?

Our team will work closely with you to conduct this assessment before creating a plan.
If you want to discuss your suspended ceiling requirements with us, call us at 0405 847 224 or write to us.