Cornice Repairs & Installation
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A damaged ceiling cornice should not interfere with your décor. Partially fixed or damaged cornices are much more than an aesthetic concern. They are also a safety concern. If there is a crack, it can also indicate some major underlying problem. At Sydney Wide Plastering, we will assess the area to find the root cause of the problem and potential safety risks before beginning the repair process. We provide premium ceiling cornice repair and installation services in Sydney and its suburbs. Once we complete the job, your cornices will look as good as new and in top condition.

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Need for Ceiling Cornices
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Ceiling cornices are mouldings that run along the top of your interior walls. They sit within the joint that goes between the ceiling and wall. They are usually installed in rooms having high ceilings that can be hard to light, as the corners can be lost in the dark. These features are used for adding illumination to rooms by reflecting light into the darker areas. Thus, cornices help make your rooms appear larger. We provide cornice repair and installation services for both homes and offices.

Ceiling cornices serve even more purposes. They enhance your room’s looks. They also serve the functional benefit of concealing the joint between the ceiling and the wall. There are various styles of cornices, ranging from something basic and practical to more aesthetic and elaborate ones. Repairing or installing your ceiling cornices can help transform your rooms and enhance the overall value.

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Ceiling Cornice Repair & Installation

When it comes to repairing and installing ceiling cornices, we provide you with many options. You can choose from something standard to something highly decorative. This includes options ranging from ornamental designs to heritage styles. We will make all the preparations and remove the debris after we have completed the project. New cornices will be installed according to the Australian Standard and will be finished ready for a paint job.

A ceiling cornice repair or installation project is something that can make a significant change in the mood and atmosphere of your room. There are cornices for every budget. We have the experience, expertise, and resources required to complete a custom job based on your unique needs and preferences. For more information about our services, call us on 0405 847 224. You may also write to us and we will get back to you at the earliest.