What is Cornice?

Cornice is one of the many jobs the team at Sydney Wide Plastering perform, for those of you unsure what cornice actually is – and why the plasterer repairs in Sydney team offer a choice of fancy or plain – read on. You may have heard the term *Cornice* at some stage and have pictured those stately manor homes in the late 1800’s with their elegantly crafted rooms, so what IS cornice and why was it used? A cornice is basically a horizontal decorating piece or molding; you’ll often find it around doors, windows and the roof. Back in the day the reason why cornice was invented and used was to make sure rain water would not hit the walls of the building – if this continually happened, then, over time it would cause discolouring or stains on stone buildings. This style of architecture was most commonly used in Greece – where many of the buildings and temples had very elaborate and carved cornices. Back in the day there were two ways to make cornices – the easy way and the hard way! Masons and sculptors had to hand craft all these works of art with the master craftsman and hi team given the task of designing the intricate details of the cornices. They had a range of tools from huge chisels and mallets to finely tipped pins for the more detailed work. Work could take months if not years! With the start of the industrial revolution the use of concrete and moulds made manufacturing cornices a LOT easier. An intricately designed mould could be made and then concrete poured into the mould to finish off the process. This allowed for fast *mass production* with the final product sanded down and a few finishing touches made. It now didn’t take anywhere near as long to make a cornice. Thanks to modern architecture cornices are no longer is use, but the plasterer repairs in Sydney team at Sydney Wide Plastering offer this once dying art as a service to all their customers. While the demand for this style of work isn’t as great as it once was if you have an older home that does have cornices, the team from Sydney Wide Plastering have the skills to get the work done on repairing or replacing your cornices.