The Most Experienced Gyprocker in Sydney

Do you need to get gyprocking for your house or office? For the best Gyprocker in Sydney, come directly to Sydney Wide Plastering. We will get your walls looking as good as new in no time.

To get a better and graphic understanding of the kind of work we do, take a look at our online gallery. Even by looking at these mere pictures you will realize that Sydney Wide Plastering provides 100% satisfactory results. We do not perform any task half-heartedly. Robert Favorito puts in all his strength and knowledge into each and every job he takes on. He has been in this field for over 21 years now and has gathered the necessary qualifications, experience and training throughout those many years. It is because of his exceptional workmanship that his clients keep coming back to him whenever they need a professional Gyprocker in Sydney. Robert Favorito has earned the trust and recognition of his clients in Sydney and will continue to provide his gyprocking and wide plastering skills for years to come.

What kinds of work do we take on?

Robert Favorito does not take any job lightly. No matter how big or small the task is, he gives it equal attention. This is why he is the best in this field!

For the most experienced Gyprocker in Sydney, contact Robert Favorito at Sydney Wide Plastering on 0405 847 224 or send an email to You can also read our blog for the latest news on our services.