The basics of D.I.Y Gyprocking

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home and the walls are damaged or are tired looking and could do with a *freshen up* installing gyprock yourself can be a relatively simple task if you have the time and patience. If you aren’t up for it you can hire a professional gyprocker in Sydney from Sydney Wide Plastering. With over 21 years experience you can be sure of a professional finish to all your Gyprocker needs in Sydney –  plasterboard, suspended ceilings, sound proofing, water damage repairs, interior and exterior painting and so much more, Sydney Wide Plastering does it all! To install gyprock yourself the sheets are butted together and screwed onto steel or wooden studs to create a surface that has both horizontal and vertical seams. You need to attach the sheets securely to obtain a good result. Always check for any warps or bends in the studs and correct them before you put any gyprock in place. You will also need to cut holes for light switches and power points. What you need

Don’t rush and take your time, if you need the work completed quickly – Sydney Wide Plastering are available 7 days a week with no job too big or too small. Allow the mud to dry and then sand the area after each layer of mud. Use mould and mildew resistant gyprock in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry and you’ll need one coat of primer on top of the gyprock before you paint. Gyprocking can be a frustrating job so be patient, if it gets too much call the team from Sydney Wide Plastering these professional gyprockers in Sydney  have the skills and knowledge to have your walls up, painted and looking great in no time.