Professional plasterer’s (part 1)

Did you know that less than 100 years ago once a wooden frame house was finished on the outside a whole team of plasterers would come inside and finish off the interior? Wooden strips called *laths* were attached horizontally across the studs, these laths were of different lengths and had been designed to hold the plaster coating. A brown coat – or base was pressed into the laths so they could support the heavy weight of the plaster, to make this part of the process stronger horse hair was added. This coat was then scored to provide lines that would then be the solid base for the next coat. To smooth out the base coat a second layer of a sand based plaster was added and then a final top coat was smoothed over the top to form a glass-like finish. This would make for a beautiful hard wall that was resistant to bumps and wouldn’t dent. In the 1900’s gypsum – or gyprock became the preferred plaster replacing those coarser lime compounds. Back then a plaster team could finish the average size house in about 2 weeks but it would take a month to cure before walls could be painted. Thankfully wallpaper was popular and plaster walls made for great wallpaper hanging surfaces. Today we have professional plasterers in Sydney like Sydney Wide Plastering who offer not only Gyprocking services but painting services as well. The team from Sydney Wide Plastering have over 21 years experience and are available to assist you with all your plasterer needs in Sydney 7 days a week. With the start of WW2 there was a need to speed up the building process, ships, guns and planes were being made faster and more efficiently than ever before and this speed soon flowed through to the building industry. Ready mix concrete and pre-built trusses were arriving at building sites and so was gyprock. Gyprock was made by inserting a liquid mash of gypsum and squeezing it inside 2 sheets of heavy paper. This would form a board that could be nailed directly to the interior studs of a home. Nail heads and joints were taped with paper and smoothed over to form a wall. Sydney Wide Plastering offers a range of plastering services in Sydney including gyprock repairs and installation.