Plaster Walls

Drywall or Gyprock is a more recent *invention* for covering walls. Up until the 60’s homes had plaster walls, used in new homes and done by professional plasterers in Sydney. Plaster walls were much stronger and thicker than the gyprock walls of today and while in many ways they have faded into history there are still many old homes that have and love their plaster walls. Plaster dates back many thousands of years and over time plaster hasn’t changed very much, even in colonial times plaster was used on the walls of huts and buildings and was often mixed with horse hair to provide extra strength. The plaster mix itself changed by location depending on the availability of materials, and in general was applied using 3 coats to provide a durable and strong wall. Plaster could also be mixed with sand for a rougher texture and in general plaster was a mix of water, sand and lime. To plaster a wall a wood *lath* was used, this is a thin piece of wood attached to the framing studs that covered the entire wall. When the ceiling and walls had covered the lath in plaster the base coat would be applied, this coat would be scored with a comb or brush to give it a rough texture which would allow the next coat to adhere better. The next coat – called a *brown coat* was applied, this layer wasn’t scored because it was rough enough to give the final coat a sturdy base. Back then a professional plaster in Sydney – a true craftsman was needed to complete the work and plaster needed 28 days to dry or fully cure before it could be painted. Thankfully today the skilled Sydney plasterers from Sydney Wide Plastering are available to do a much faster job! Plaster is still the superior product and to find out more give the friendly team at Sydney Wide Plastering a call they have all your plasterer repair needs in Sydney covered.