Painting plaster walls

Before you start any painting if there are any fresh patches of plaster on your walls – the result of a repair you need to coat the area with some shellac, followed by two coats of flat paint. If you don’t do this then you will find a shiny or gloss spot will appear on the finished wall wherever you have applied the shellac. For a more lasting look it’s better to keep applying paint until the patch has disappeared, this however takes time waiting for each new coat of paint to dry.

If you have old plaster it will usually need 2 coats of paint, while new plaster will require three. Before you paint any walls or the ceiling cover your floor and furniture to protect it from paint spills or splashes. When painting ceilings always tap the brush against the side of the paint tin to remove excess paint and don’t press down with the bush too hard as it will push the paint down the brush and onto the handle. Spread the paint evenly and try not to leave any brush strokes.

Before painting if you find any damaged areas you will need plasterer repairs Sydney, most plaster repairs are best performed by professionals like Sydney Wide Plastering who are highly skilled plasterer repairs Sydney who also offer Gyprocking and painting services all with a free no obligation quote.

If you plan to finish painting your ceiling in a flat coat of paint, take care to avoid any overlapping of the paint, flat paint sets quickly and when it starts to dry little touch-ups become that much harder. Don’t try to *blend* over a finished section if the paint is set it will either become rough looking or when dry will leave a shiny spot that will affect the finish. If you are painting a large ceiling call Sydney Wide Plastering to give you a hand, they are experts at painting ceilings and can have the job completed in what will seem like no time at all.