How a Sydney Plasterer Handles a Drywall Installations

Every homeowner likes to keep their property looking spruced-up and new at all times. It’s why they embark on remodelling and renovation projects. While you may want to make some major alterations and additions, that may not always possible and sometimes the simplest changes, can make a significant difference to the way your home feels and looks. The icing on the cake is that these alterations needn’t be very expensive or time-consuming either. Upgrading the gyprocking in your home is one way to do this. Here is some more information about, Gyprocking and what the process involves.

Understanding what gyprock is

Gyprock is essentially gypsum plaster/ calcium sulfate dehydrate. This compound goes through a hardpress process during which it is sandwiched between fiberglass sheets and then dried in the kiln. In economy line gyprock, sheets of thick paper are used in place of fiberglass, but these aren’t as long-lasting as the latter. They also tend to develop mould over time which doesn’t make them a very good choice if you want high-quality installations.

Gyprock is widely used in commercial as well as residential properties for ceilings and walls and can be used in any indoor areas. These sheets have very smooth surfaces and you can get the kind of texture you want on the ceilings and walls. As your Gyprocker in Sydney, we at Sydney Wide Plastering can also help insulate rooms with the use of this material and specialised sheets can also be used to improve the acoustics in certain rooms. Gyprock is a fire-resistant material and the water compounds in the sheets lend it this property.

Different gyprock installations

Aside from the quality of the material used in the project, it’s also very important to hire the services of a skilled and experienced Gyprocker in Sydney.  A well-established company will be able to handle a variety of requirements, such as:

Contact the expert gyprockers

We can handle all your requirements; as one of the leading Gyprocker in Sydney companies, we provide customised solutions based on your specific needs. The best materials will be used in the work and the entire project will be completed in a timely and methodical manner. We focus on providing you value for money in every job we take up.

We at Sydney Wide Plastering are a fully-licensed and insured company that handles all types of drywall installation jobs. Check our testimonials  and you will realise why we are the Sydney Plasterer of choice for so many residential and commercial customers. For more information, call us at 0405 847 224. You can also contact us via this form. Find information about the areas we service, here.