D.I.Y. Gyprocking continued

Last time we started looking at how you can do your own Gyprocking work at home, of course if you’d rather the peace of mind from a professional job by a plasterer in Concord who knows exactly what he is doing, you can’t go past calling the team at Sydney Wide Plastering. Perhaps it’s a small project, Gyprocking a garage wall where a perfect finish doesn’t matter and you want to complete the job yourself – read on…. You need to prep the surface – as the boards need to be attached at all ends as well as supports across the gyprock sheets the corners need to have 2 supports for attaching the sheet (this is also necessary around doors and windows) – you may need to put other supports in place. Depending on the age of the area dried wood may see your studs warped and any warping will need to be addressed. Your professional plasterer in Concord from Sydney Wide Plastering has years of experience and is able to deal with issues such as this. Next you need to measure the gyprock – start from the ceiling and work to the bottom of the wall using  a T-square to mark your lines. To cut the gyprock – if you can place it flat on the floor – using your straight edge as a line draw the knife through – cutting only the top layer – don’t try and cut through the whole sheet in one go, you may crush the edge. Placing your hand under the board near the cut lift it up a few inches – the weight of the board should break it, if it doesn’t tap it gently. Place the board so it looks like a tent place the knife underneath and cut through the underside paper, along the break line. Using the dimpling attachment will stop the screw from going into the board and breaking it. Remember Gyprocking is a 2 man job, if it is an important or big job call in the professionals – Sydney Wide Plastering also offer painting services to complete the job.