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Chatswood Wide Plastering provides you with the ultimate plastering in Chatswood. We understand all of the techniques as well as which products will work best to produce a desired result. While there is no shortage of companies providing these services in the region, very few are able to offer the perfect balance of quality, reliability, and all-round, cost-effective plastering Chatswood that we do.

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When you contact us at Chatswood Wide Plastering, you will be assured that you are going to be able to get the best Gyprocking Chatswood has to offer. This is in addition to our many other services we offer to assure you are able to maintain the look you want. From installations to renovations to repairs, we can help you to enjoy everything that quality Gyprocking Chatswood has to offer.

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Benefits of Gypock

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The plasterboard offers a number of advantages:


Gyprock plasterboards are relatively affordable and the company offers materials across different price ranges. You can choose something that fits your budget perfectly and still deliver a good performance. Gyprock plasterboards are also quite easy to install you don’t have to pay high labour costs to complete the installation.


Gyprock is lightweight so it’s easy to work with. It’s also quite durable so you don’t have to worry about being forced to replace it often. This material is designed to withstand Australian weather conditions and ordinary wear and tear for several years.

Quick Installation

The Gyprock is very easy to install so our gyprockers Drummoyne can complete the project quickly. There’s no drying or wait time after installation so our experts can move on to finishing the wall immediately after installation.

What Does our Gyprocker Do? 

We have handled several Gyprock installations over the years and understand the process like the back of our hand. We’re a licensed and insured company with a dedicated team of plasterers and gyprockers. We can handle both small scale and large scale installations as well as repairs. Here’s how our experts will help you:

  • They’ll assess your property and determine what kind of material you need for the project. Gyprock comes in different sizes and forms and our experts will help you choose the best option for your property.
  • Our gyprocker will take accurate measurements and cut the sheets carefully. This ensures that there’s very little wastage of material. Some amateur contractors don’t measure properly and cut the sheets too small or too big. That can cause problems during the installation process and ruin the material.
  • They make sure all sheets are anchored securely to the wall studs and won’t become warped or bent over time.
  • Our experienced gyprockers Chatswood will then apply the best possible finish to the surface so your interior walls look clean and beautiful.

We focus on customer service and make sure that our work is of excellent quality. You can read what our previous clients have to say about us by visiting our Testimonials page. Feel free to contact us At Sydney Wide Plastering through this form if you want to know more about our gyprocker Chatswood. You can also call 0405 847 224 for a free quote.